Restalia Already Reaches 828 Points Of Sale In Supermarkets

Restalia Holding – 100 Montaditos, The Good Burger -TGB, La Sureña, Pepe Taco and Panther ?? has announced the expansion of Restalia Retail, its sales division in stores and supermarkets, reaching 828 distribution points.

Restalia Retail, a project that emerged during the pandemic to grow through the diversification of its business lines and offer new formulas and consumption habits, launched its first reference last March the Pan TGB on the shelves of large stores such as Carrefour, Alcampo, Costco, Ahorramás, Glovo’s Black Supermarket, etc.

A bread country will be in the second half of the year new products of its brands , such as the Pan Hot Dog TGB , Popcorn Chicken 100 Montaditos , Popcorn Gouda 100 Montaditos , Tears Chicken Epic Chicken TGB with mustard sauce and honey, chicken wings TGB Chicken with Bourbon Sauce, TGB Sliced ​​Bread , OR TGB Burgers .

In addition, the company will increase its presence in more food chains, with a total expected to exceed 1,000 points of sale by the end of 2021. “And not only that, Restalia Retail has its sights set on shipping its products to Europe” , they assure from the 2company.

We are in contact with the main supermarket chains to expand the number of stores where our fans can buy new product references. The Restalia Retail project is being a success: in less a year, and in the midst of the pandemic, Restalia has created a business division that generates profits, “says José María Capitán, founder and CEO of Restalia, who adds that” our goal is to constantly innovate in order to offer new formulas so that consumers can choose how and when to enjoy Restalia experiences. “

Brand growth
For the company, the commercialization of Restalia products is designed to direct traffic to its business units, since the sale of these products helps many customers to discover the brands and encourages the consumer to enjoy their favorite menus in the environment. of the premises.

“Restalia Retail is more than a new line of business, it goes beyond selling our most representative products in supermarkets. We are not reactive to consumer demands. The way forward is to be pioneers, observe trends and anticipate desires. and people’s needs.

We adapt to new consumption formats, direct traffic to business units, and also serve as a laboratory to launch new dishes. Customer satisfaction and our franchisees are always our ultimate goal “says Captain .

The company will also launch a website where all consumers can consult recipes, tips, videos and ways to prepare their dishes with Restalia Retail products.

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