Hanging Tram With More Than 100 Years Of History In Germany

In the city of Wuppertal, Germany, there is a unique railway in the world. With a system created more than 100 years ago, the Wuppertal hanging monorail is one of the main tourist attractions of the city, as well as being the main means of transport for the inhabitants. Did you know its existence?

A very special railway throughout the centuries
It was devised in the late 19th century by Eugen Langen , who had already designed a similar system for Dresden. However, Langen died in 1895, so he was unable to see his finished work. This hanging monorail in Wuppertal was inaugurated in 1901, being extended two years later to reach the current 13 km of route .

Drawing showing the original design of the monorail.Drawing showing the original design of the monorail.Wuppertal Tourism
Given its age, it is from 1997 when the structure was remodeled and updated, but always maintaining and being faithful to the original design. After its modernization, the monorail increased its number of trips. This made it establish itself as an emblem of this city in northwestern Germany.

The importance of its use today
It is used daily by 85,000 passengers to travel the city, in order to avoid the problems of crossings or traffic jams. With a maximum speed of 60 km / h, the journey between the furthest terminals is 35 minutes.

There are 20 stations in total on the 13.3-kilometer-long route. The art-nouveau Werther Brücke station contrasts with the ultra-modern glass construction at the Kluse station, which opened in 1999. In addition, it is barely affected by ice and snow. The main characteristic of the Wuppertal hanging monorail is that most of its route is carried out 10-12 meters above the waters of the Wupper River.

A ride in the emperor’s carriage
Car number 5, built in 1900, is not in a museum where you would surely think it could be. In fact, it is possible to take a ride in the red “Kaiserwagen” (the emperor’s carriage). Its name comes from the Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II who, together with his consort, Auguste Viktoria, used it in the Wupper Valley. Its plush upholstered seats, gold-colored window curtains or old-fashioned lamps provide a nostalgic atmosphere, making the trip an unforgettable gift.

How to get tickets for the Wuppertal hanging monorail?
Tickets for the suspension monorail can be obtained from the vending machines at each station . With your ticket, you can have total flexibility with the 24 and 48 hour ticket and even other people can make the trip for 24 or 48 hours.

If what you are looking for is to make a getaway or simply visit the city, acquiring this ticket will be easy. Just select the number of people who will travel and don’t forget that children under six years old are free.

Nature and the Center for Climate Study in the European Union
The city of Wuppertal offers a wide range of tourism to enjoy during our visit. Here we find the Wuppertal Institute for Climate , Environment and Energy , one of the main centers for the study of climate in the European Union.

Its botanical garden, or in German, Botanischer Garten, is an incredible 2.5-hectare green area located in the center of the city. Thanks to its free entry, you will be able to know the different collections of exotic plants. Nor can we forget to visit the Bismarck tower, a memorial tower built in honor of the country’s first chancellor, or visit the Engels house, a museum located in the house where Friedrich Engels, a German communist and socialist, friend and collaborator of Karl Marx, grew up. .

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